The Kabul project

Anders Sømme Hammer and Munin Film

Sadaf Fetrat - Sahar Fetrat - Nargis Azaryun

The kabul Cards

Five small video postcards from Kabul, Afghanistan

A Prologue





the Nobel Peace Center

Sadaf travels from Kabul to Oslo in order to open up the exhibition The Kabul Cards at the Nobel Peace Center. She interviews prominent guests as well as visitors in order to get their responses about the Kabul Cards and to get greetings for Sahar and Nargis who unfortunately couldn't be there for the opening. 

Mumbai Film Festival

The Kabul Cards project was invited to India in 2012. We screened and presented our short film at Mumbai Film Festival, Art Escape Goa and Studio Safdar (Delhi). This is the "behind the scenes" short film of our trip.


Global Video Letters

Global Video Letters and Munin Film


Complexo da maré - Rio De Janeiro 

10 children were given cameras in the favela Nova Holanda in Rio de Janeiro so they could introduce us to life in their community. They show their families, their games, their sports and their celebrations with charm and casualness despite the conditions they are living in. More

Birar - India

Youth in a village in Rajasthan, India get video cameras so they can film their everyday lives. They film and show their village, their culture, their two religions, things they do in their spare time and what they are working with or studying. Towards the end they tell us about the challenges they face in a small village amongst many other Indian villages. Their concern is that money, which is supposed to reach their village from New Delhi, never reaches them. More